Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VIDEO Thanks, Drew for Reason

It's been a couple months now (mid-March) since www.Reason.tv and Cleveland's own Drew Carey took a video shot across Cleveland's bow. Interesting series of reports, including Part One (I'll post the remaining segments in the weeks to come) that not only highlight how America's sixth biggest city 50 years ago managed to sink so low in a couple generations.

Any lessons here for northeast Ohio overall? With all the "NEO-boosterism" one reads and hears these days on the joys of regionalism, one wonders if the "region" pays attention to lessons learned by the failure of Cleveland and the loss of Youngstown. If seeing these once-great cities sink to their present-depressing status doesn't stimulate new thinking, is it any wonder young people find it easier to vote with their feet?

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