Friday, May 21, 2010

VIDEO Drew Gets The Ear

Now they've gone and done it; Cleveland City Council finally must have learned how to access YouTube and actually watched the Drew Carey and series on breathing new life into what used to be the Best Location in the Nation.

It's a good step, actually -- coming on the heels of major layoffs and projected labor unrest in the heart of it all, at least as far as northeast Ohio is concerned.

The City Council there wants hometown hero Carey to meet with them and talk more about his libertarian viewpoints. My guess is they'll try to satisfy the ostrich wing of Cleveland's elite and burn him at the stake for daring to note there are some really, REALLY big problems facing Cleveland; I'm hoping they'll prove me wrong.

In the meantime, Part 2 of Carey's take on what's wrong and what needs to be fixed in the city that used to be a leader instead of a national joke. This time: education.

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