Saturday, May 8, 2010

Only in Cleveland: GE Lighting headquartered here but City plans exclusive light deal with Chinese company. Was Noah right?


  1. You mean the company that doesn't actually make the LED lights and has no plans to?

    Or perhaps you're not interested in the factory and jobs it's going to create?

    You mean because GE is here we can't try to lure any company that competes with them?

  2. So I guess that would be like Detroit PD buying Honda cars 'cause they wrote the specs that wouldn't have those specific vehicles produced by GM? How about city government in Boston telling public markets to stock up on South African lobster? Just saying it seems odd the city and a company that has it's headquarters in the city would have more synergy between the two to avoid something like this.

  3. If it meant Honda was going to build a plant and make the cars in Detroit, certainly. Particularly if GM had zero plans to build the cars.

    You Boston analogy doesn't work, that's just importing.

    I'd certainly like to hear more from GE than what I've read so far which is as far as I can tell is you don't want those, you want what we build (I'd be saying the same thing). But I'd also like to know whether those florescent lights they want us to buy instead are in fact being manufactured in Cleveland and are leading edge technology that saves on electricity bills.

    And what is it exactly we are trying to avoid? Jobs creation? Or is GE going to move out of Cleveland if they don't get the contract?