Wednesday, May 26, 2010

VIDEO Pre-Drew Day in Cleveland

Cleveland City Council tomorrow hears from native son Drew Carey, who's been pushing a series of libertarian viewpoints on how to fix Cleveland on www. with some fresh, well-produced videos.

The naysayers who believe the elite bureaucracy knows better will likely be packing some serious "trust us, we will manage you better than you would" spin, but I think Carey will be prepped and loaded -- after all, when you've made a living where hecklers openly challenge you in public on the comedy stage what could politicians do that could be worse?

Carey set the stage, raised questions on the state of education (abysmal) and even took on some sacred cows, namely asking why the City that doesn't seem to work owns and manages businesses that should be able to work better. Golf courses come to mind, also the West Side Market.

The Market, in particular, is a great example. If you've never crossed the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge (or the Hope Bridge, named after Bob Hope) from downtown to Ohio City, make a point to do so on a Saturday after noon. There's still plenty of bargains galore, especially from the produce vendors who know getting rid of inventory as the day wears on means great bargains. If you aren't upset some of the best stuff is already gone, after being picked over by the thousands who got to W. 25th and Lorain earlier.

It's a great taste of Cleveland moment and place to visit, full of history. Full of ethnic flavor. Full of seeing how small business is vibrant and customer-oriented. Also a nice example of how it might be made better with investment.

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