Tuesday, August 31, 2010

President Obama NOW if you aren't near TV; end of war in Iraq. http://ping.fm/la3f9
Full disclosure: this gives me a headache just thinking about Akron's budget. http://ping.fm/qumLN
Indians tonight on WAKR; we'll update Obama-Iraq speech during game, live here: http://ping.fm/EsWit
Akron PD layoff snafu: six now in the clear but another six about to get bad news. http://ping.fm/kyBtj
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Akron Mayor Says The City Is Not Hiding Money & Much more: http://ping.fm/ZQBzp

Friday, August 27, 2010

MORE football tonight: we're streaming WAKR with the Green-Lake game 730p kickoff. http://ping.fm/xYv0i
Akron cops are receiving pink slips today. The process will be complete by Sunday. Details coming up on AkronNewsNow.com
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Countdown to APD Pink Slips? Avoid A Local Lake & Our Weekend Forecast: http://ping.fm/re7Ld

Thursday, August 26, 2010

High School Football starts tonight! WAKR's Pigskin Preview 5p followed by Hoban-Garfield. http://ping.fm/ffNgR
Sorry in advance; this morning's "liar liar" game just pushed me over the edge. http://ping.fm/ezvMU
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: The APD Layoffs Saga Continues, APD Chief On Keeping Cops: http://ping.fm/sGw5E

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MORE Plusquellic says 49 police jobs on the block; concessions, money diversion needed. http://ping.fm/9Q2T7
Mayor Plusquellic calling 3:30 p.m. news conference; "budget" on the agenda.
Akron can expect more than $9 million from Race to the Top funds. PDF file now posted. http://ping.fm/xSat9
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Stark Treasurer Ousted & Free Back-To-School Supplies Draw A Big Crowd: http://ping.fm/ZpBms

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pathetic. Both candidates for AG -- incumbent included -- keeping pension info secret. http://ping.fm/jR12O
Blown away; Summit For Kids effort over the weekend drew ten THOUSAND! http://ping.fm/UKNTS
The AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Eggs On Recall Sicken Ohioans & A Pedestrian Hit By a Car Hospitalized: http://ping.fm/1tSmy
Crews have closed Mayfair Road between Wise and Greensburg due to a fallen tree. http://ping.fm/uI690

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

It is so wrong for a radio guy to forward this...but LFaba got my funny bone going on this one. http://ping.fm/XyXBu

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Denver Post: Neo-Nazi who killed talk show host is dead -- behind bars. http://ping.fm/qkCwr
First little rock, now Tampa -- the help wanted sign is out for grown ups who can be serious. http://ping.fm/O7gSt
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Babysitter Faces Murder Charges & Money For Stan Hywet! http://ping.fm/t6kPt

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fascinating -- Lou Gehrig may not have suffered Lou Gehrig's disease: NYTimes.com http://ping.fm/4eZiy
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Second Medina Child Dies, Turnpike Fatal Crash & A Lost Piggy: http://ping.fm/XEM6B
Tees off again: LeBron @KingJames on playing for the Cavs again and a shot at Gilbert. http://ping.fm/EBtdr

Monday, August 16, 2010

I-271 in Oakwood Village has reopened after an earlier major crash. The crash in Cuyahoga County forced ODOT to close the northbound ramp from Ohio Route 8 to I-271 earlier today.
Meanwhile, don't head up I-271 from Rt. 8 northbound in Macedonia...major Cuyahoga County accident at Oakwood Village still has ramp closed.
More on that fatal Ohio Turnpike crash: http://ping.fm/VMGyM
All lanes of the Ohio Turnpike between Route 8 and Route 14/I-480 are now open after an earlier fatal crash.
All but the left eastbound lane is now open on the Ohio Turnpike between Route 8 and Route 14/I-480 due to an earlier injury accident.
Turnpike Multiple Vehicle Accident: both directions of the turnpike are closed from Rt. 14/I-480 to Route 8 http://ping.fm/viTah
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Stark Crash & Arrests In Weekend Checkpoint http://ping.fm/mvYTM

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stark County Prosecutor, FirstMerit Bank reach deal to make good on $230,000 in checks cashed for personal use by former treasurer official.
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Babysitter Faces Charges in Child's Death & A Stranger Sleepover: http://ping.fm/tgQ83

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: Cascade Mills project kicks-off & take your pet to the ball game! http://ping.fm/vBt7M

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Even the throne isn't safe. Akron woman says rats came up from where the sun doesn't shine. http://ping.fm/pyFzw
Interesting: Scripps TV revenues now top print revenues in quarterly report. http://ping.fm/C67pj
AkronNewsNow.com Video Update: More Layoffs? Plus LeBron's girlfriend on moving to Miami http://ping.fm/VjyQN

Monday, August 9, 2010

I-76 Westbound in Portage County is still CLOSED due to an accident near Route 43. Traffic is also congested Eastbound on I-76.
Cops shouldn't have to work their day off, but c'mon now -- double pay? http://ping.fm/cRHQT
Another update: Deputy Mayor audio, links to source documents on possible City layoffs. http://ping.fm/86vZy
I-76 Westbound in Portage County is CLOSED due to an accident near Route 43, between mileposts 33 and 30.
UPDATING City Hall releases new version of budget/layoff numbers. http://ping.fm/L4QXv
Akron FOP to City: we don't believe your numbers. http://ping.fm/wgErC
LeBron adds more green to Akron. http://ping.fm/u3mZ3
Story didn't get lots of play over the weekend but update: Summit Prosecutor says no to Prade DNA retest. http://ping.fm/R8hEa
Here's Harper's video interview with Savannah Brinson, @LeBron long-time partner on Miami move and other items. http://ping.fm/v8OQ1
Watergate's anniversary, thoughts on First Amendment and recap of Digital Ethics in Cinci. http://rtdna.org/

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lefty left out, could have been Number One. http://ping.fm/IDGPq
Tiger: "don't see how it can be fun shooting 18 over." Welcome to my world, dude... http://ping.fm/PYh58
Done! Mahan wins with -12 under showing. End of the Tiger era?
WGC: Hunter Mahan waiting for Ryan Palmer and barring miracle Mahan takes the cup. No #1 rank for Mickelson, Tiger worst showing ever.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anyone left who wonders why the public hates government? 7-year old threatened over lemonade stand. http://ping.fm/YCvc7
Akron's Luis Proenza: "Dr. Martin was a true friend of the University for decades." Martin passed away today. http://ping.fm/9bviM
University of Akron loses a great one. Paul Martin, 95, passed away today. http://ping.fm/lMtX0
VIDEO UPDATE:Oh Babies! Quintuplets born in Akron & Teeing off at Bridgestone Firestone! http://ping.fm/rWTrr
Lucky isn't so lucky anymore; fugitive on the lam for 19 years finally nabbed. At Applebee's. http://ping.fm/jZQBQ
A water main break in Tallmadge has caused the closure of North Thomas Road between West Avenue and Northwest Avenue. http://ping.fm/N9eqc

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Final Results : Copley-Fairlawn Passes, Norton and Highland Fail.
Highland's school levy fails for the third time. More on AkronNewsNow.com
With 24 of 24 precints counted, Copley's levy passes.

More on AkronNewsNow.com
With 21 of the 41 precints accounted for, Copley's levy appears to pass and Highland's appears to be failing. More on AkronNewsNow.com
Special Election Results: School Levies

Copley-Fairlawn levy appears to be passing.

oops, wrong link - from CNN.com: Wyclef files for Haiti http://ping.fm/vFGlS
Finally @CNN -- a presidential candidate who really rocks. Wyclef files. http://ping.fm/bCltk
Another @KingJames chapter: hey Cleveland, it's not about you. LeBron http://ping.fm/Uun9O
VIDEO Update: LeBron Thanks Akron & Teeing off coverage at Bridgestone! http://ping.fm/lrBP2

CAK Is Not CLE; Get Over It

Another great reminder on just how wide the gulf is on the drive between Akron and Cleveland. The sniping continues over a 25-year old's decision to take his fame to South Beach, and his full-page ad in the Beacon Journal thanking Akron (but not Cleveland) for the good times.

Mapquest notes the drive from Akron to Cleveland is 39.27 miles and takes 47 minutes. It might was well be far enough, however, to warrant a jet flight when it comes to LeBron James.

There was another outpouring of hurt and outrage today from fans still smarting from LeBron's poorly executed "Decision" broadcast where he decided to exercise his free agent rights and head south to Miami. At no time did he disrespect his hometown (Akron) nor the town where he worked (Cleveland) but the vast majority of those in northeast Ohio were not happy with what they felt was a divorce notice served on national cable television.

The vitriol on local television, radio and websites following the announcement was, I suspect, expected. The jilted hate him and burn their jerseys; the disappointed won't root for him but respect his right to make a decision; the ones who grew up with him are sad he won't be playing home but recognize he's still from, of and by Akron.

I'm in the second camp, leaning toward the third. Not happy with the way he did it, but embrace the fact America is still a land of opportunity and if he decides the greater opportunity is in a Heat uniform more power to him.

We had him here for 11 years; with Akron, he did win championships with St. Vincent St. Mary. With Cleveland, he got close but no rings. With Akron, he's supported plenty of charities and put his name behind events such as the Bikeathon this weekend. He never claimed to be from Cleveland; he consistently reminded reporters, announcers and anyone interested he was from Akron.

Akron and the rest of the "plus" suburbs in northeast Ohio get the difference. Cleveland doesn't.

Cleveland will crab that LeBron owes them more; he should have bought the ad in the PD; he shouldn't have waited until Z did his full-page thank you. They're missing the point.

This isn't about them, it's about LeBron's relationship with his hometown, not the place where he worked. It's about him and us. It's about keeping alive that part of his heritage that still lives on the playground courts of West Akron where he started his journey. It's about that muscle memory that binds him to the gymnasium at St. V, and the JAR, and the local Akron area high schools where he faced his first true challenges. It's about the school where he and his friends were able to do something special, and bring home state championships for family and neighbors who knew him for who he was instead of what the NBA marketing machine wanted us to believe him to be.

The most disappointing aspect of the past month is seeing the business side of what LeBron has become, exemplified by the cynical ride on ESPN and "The Decision" but also the stories now making their way out of the Cavaliers organization on how far they bent over to make him happy. But he's not the kid on our playgrounds, or playing in our high school gyms anymore. He's the 25-year old who, like so many of his age in northeast Ohio, saw greener pastures elsewhere and decided to embrace his version of his future rather than be tied to someone else's expectations.

Critics will say the Beacon Journal ad is just another cynical chapter in LeBron's continued marketing. If that were true, how come his continued workouts at Akron General's Wellness Center aren't included? His pick-up games at the SVSM gym? His going about his everyday business in his hometown?

It's done. Take the high road. You can wish him well for his time spent here without cheering his success with Miami. His decision was whether or not to stay; our decision is whether to move forward or wallow in this over and over again.

Want something to really wallow in? How about all those other 20 and 30-somethings who think northeast Ohio is a great place to grow up and be from, not in?

Monday, August 2, 2010

VIDEO AkronNewsNow.com Update: Fatal Fire, Twinsburg's Future & HOT weather! http://ping.fm/dXOIY
Laffer in WSJ: a good primer for those who think taxes drives recovery. Why is this such a no-brainer? http://ping.fm/Ih3FS

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Still got a hankering for your 15 minutes of Hollywood? 25 Hill still looking for extras this week.
From our pals in Canada: The end of secrecy | National Post http://ping.fm/0piL9
Ozone Alert Monday for Summit, Portage and Medina with temps forecast for steamy upper 80s.
Bad air on the way Monday -- Cuyahoga & Lake worst but Summit, Portage and Medina too. http://ping.fm/yHt4s