Sunday, January 6, 2008

Winning The Widget War

If the race for the White House was measured in widgets there's little doubt who pushes the envelope for change: it's Obama.

I've been playing around a bit with my blogspot blog and came across Widgetbox, a site with thousands and thousands of free tools to use in adding content to websites. Those of you with more blog experience can roll your eyes and note I'm a couple years late to the party; that's OK.
I was interested in the presidential candidates; not a real surprise but Barack Obama seems particularly in front of the pack when it comes to making it easy for his supporters to syndicate the campaign's message with a simple widget:

Now I don't know how well the other candidates are doing with this...Obama's had over 600 subscriptions and a quick search for Hillary pulled up a dancing Hillary widget that likely doesn't have the official campaign stamp of approval (but it's funny as hell) and her official gadget only had 42 subscriptions...John Edwards has a widget but it only had about 38 subs. Among the GOP candidates nobody comes even close to breaking 30.

An accurate sign of things to come? Maybe worth considering the next time you read about the demographic breakdown as younger voters swarm to Obama the way they were supposedly swinging four years ago for Kerry?

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