Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Question of Green it just me or is there something missing from the latest worship at the house of Green?

Thanks to Lorna Barrett of NewsChannel 5 for her story of the Oberlin man who's building a 3,000 square foot home that'll cost less than $400 bucks a year to heat. In this day and age of seeing $400 bucks a month to heat a home that size the accomplishment is considerable, but with the double-banked walls deep enough to handle twice the insulation and the recycled wood/plastic composites used to build the house there's a big question left unanswered:

How much is this costing?

If (and when) going green goes mainstream it won't come because it's cool; it'll come because it's affordable and the "what does it cost" isn't a followup question but where the debate begins.

Call it midwest environmentalism: show me.

- - -

On the subject of the weather: get ready for NE Ohio warming after frigid temps bring zeros down from Canada to the Great Lakes and snow flurries to Florida. By the end of next week we're supposed to be in the upper 60s...this from 19ActionNews meteorologist Jeff Tanchak last night. I don't know how confident I am on predicting any north coast weather 10 days out but I will say if it happens watch our crisis reporting go from snow to flooding.

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