Saturday, December 29, 2007

Staying On The Straight And Narrow

Anyone else have the experience of seeing just about every police officer in the planet on the highways today? Nature Girl and I were driving to Cleveland's far west suburbs and using Interstate 90 from the Jennings Freeway; there was one Cleveland cop parked in the median (on a hill, no less) grabbing radar with at least SIX patrol cars about a half mile down the road, lights flashing with folks pulled over on both sides of the expressway -- and that's with two other patrol vehicles parked waiting for word to grab someone else.

And this was at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday; wonder just how many light bars will be operating when the bars are celebrating the height of the NY Eve holiday this weekend and Monday night?

Driver beware...

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  1. We drove 77 N to 271 N to 90E and must have saw a half dozen cruisers around 8 p.m. I feel sooooo safe now