Sunday, December 30, 2007

Browns In -- Almost

Great lead from Tom Withers of the Associated Press on today's 20-7 win by the Browns over the hapless San Francisco 49ers: the team now has seven hours of overtime before they find out of there's postseason.

The Browns did their part today, a nice post-holiday gift for the faithful fans who steamed into the chilly lakefront stadium for the final regular season game of the season. We were treated to a win; Cribbs showing why he's Pro Bowl; even a sequence of plays from Brady Quinn spoiled only when a sure TD pass was dropped. Chilly, yes, but a ten-game winning season was enough to warm those beating orange-and-brown with a stripe of white down the middle. Think of orange and black and the suffering in Cincinnati or what it's like to be a 49ers fan.

Root for the blue and white; pray for Indianapolis to beat Tennessee even though the Colts would be incredibly stupid to put any of their starters in harm's way with a game that means little to them. Here's where you see just how much the drive to win is really on display amongst the professional sports class; no calling it in for the Indy 2nd, 3rd and even 4th string players because while this game isn't a must-win for the team it is a must-win for them to showcase their talent and heart.

- - -

Most fun game points: not on the field but off. Ray Horner of WAKR included his Dad Lou and young son Rocco in our party this Sunday. It was Lou's first-ever NFL game and while he didn't forsake his beloved Steelers he did have a good time, especially ragging Ray for our leaving early (and for leaving behind Ray's favorite team, the 49ers). It was Rocco's first-ever NFL game as well and for a five-year old he did a remarkable job staying with the game despite sitting out in the cold just-above-freezing temps. Three generations of Horner; at least Rocco roots for Ohio State.

- - -

Still a good idea to keep a close eye and ear on your kids during a Browns game. The language, for the most part, continues to be coarse (and I'm being charitable here) starting with the griping of folks getting through security before they even show their tickets, right up to simple talk in the stadium. And don't even get me started on the F--- Michigan shirts prominently displayed for all to see walking to and fro the stadium. I think the shirts are funny but could we get some compromise on not flashing it in the faces of the kids? The walk from Cleveland's bluffs to cross the tracks and enter the stadium should be a bit more kindlier and gentler than walking down the street of an Amsterdam brothel district.


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