Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Making Craig's List

I can't believe the dodge from Idaho Senator Larry Craig and his cowardice exhibited today after the proverbial Brokeback Bathroom scandal hit the fan (thanks Drudge for that twist...) in Washington and beautiful Boise.
"I am not gay," proclaims the GOP Senator who has a political history of using those charges to paint himself as a fighter for the mountain voters back home. Did he directly address the charge that he was toe-tapping in the MSP crapper? Can I get a "NO", amen! Did he directly address the record he was caught making hand signals to the fellow in the stall next door that it was time to make the dance more personal until said fellow flashed a badge instead of something else? C'mon now, give me a "NO", amen!
Big Question here: since when does getting caught going after strange whoopi in a public restroom equate with being gay? I agree with one thing, Craig isn't gay -- he's just not happy.
This episode is disturbingly similar to Craig's other reported forays with Mr. Johnson in other public restrooms, most notably one at Union Station just down from your U.S. Capitol building. Modus Operandi usually packs quite a punch when delivered in tandem. What is really despicable is Craig's cry he's "not gay" as a defense on lewd public behavior charges. What the hell does one have to do with the other? My reporter colleagues gave Craig an easy pass today when they tolerated his "statement" without getting answers or challenging him on the non-gay defense which, I must note, reflects more the behavior of a sex-crazed scumbag more than any gay people I have ever known.
This has nothing to do with gay; my reporter's experience is that most of the troubled souls usually caught up in these public indecency stings are far from gay; they're usually the same make and model of guys hanging around the 50-cent movie machines at the adult bookstore. Larry Craig isn't a model of pro-or-con homosexuality; he is the model of a sex addict who would do well to keep his hands and his little buddy in check for more private venues.
Why can't we grow up and toss out the talk of gay or no-gay in this issue? Larry Craig should be held accountable for breaking the law in a public bathroom by soliciting one person for sex; he's not charged with being anything other than a pervert, and allowing him to slip in any mention of sexual preference is nothing more than political three-card monte. It's about where his feet, hands and other appendages were and plying sex in the potty is what this case should be about, not whether he likes one gender versus the other.

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