Monday, August 20, 2007

GOP Fight Hits The Web

You've got to appreciate the power of the web. In the old days, challenger Kevin Coughlin's faction of the Summit County GOP would take on chairman Alex Arshinkoff's faction with phone calls, letters and even face-to-face arm-twisting but now we enter the Digital Age.

To get a read on the move to unseat one of Ohio's longest-serving and most powerful party chairs Coughlin's group set up the New Summit Republicans website , live this morning. This is likely just one of the new-age communications tools likely to play a big role in the age-old story of new-vs-establishment as the local Republican party gets ready to dance in the March '08 primary.

Arshinkoff is not likely to give up quietly; he's been one of the state's most formidable (if not THE most formidable) fundraising chairs and has been not only a player as national party overlords rebuilt but also a student of their methods ranging from Deaver and Nofziger in the Reagan Revolution to the effective Karl Rove (I'd wager he's also been a keen student of Begala and Carville but may not want to admit that.) Figure Coughlin to use more of these non-traditional methods and tools in his arsenal as well; he's always been ahead of the curve in terms of using web-based communications tools.

The Summit County GOP has a couple of events coming up that normally don't make media radar screens, including Finance Committee meetings. Alex, feel free to invite us in; we'll pretend we're flies on the wall.

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