Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Speed of Cynicism

One thing about today's social media -- is the speed it can be decidedly anti-social.

Take the tone of tweets from Ohio Democrats:

Chris Redfern (he's the Ohio Democrat Party Chair)
by OHDems
In SOTS JK invokes prevention for healthcare cost reductions Check POTUS work over the last 2 years, gov. More to like!

Ohio Dems
MT @ keep the public safe, Kasich? Then why are we attacking our cops and firefighters? How does this make sense to you?

Ohio Dems
Not just black caucus that cares about issues impacting minorities, guv.

Ohio Dems
even after the campaign @ still looooooves florida. so does @

Just s sampling, and to be very fair the Republicans do the same thing when it's the Democrats standing behind a podium delivering a speech. What is concerning is the process of democracy that depends solely on tweets and Facebook posts rather than actually listening to what the politicians -- either party -- say.

I love social media and practice it often, but watching the real-time spin without even a deep breath to consider what either side says just isn't healthy. It may make politicians look like they are earning your donations, but in reality is just adds to the smoke instead of the fire that's needed to get Ohio's economy cooking again.

Of course, I write this before Kasich is done with his first State of the State. But then, that's social media.

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