Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Governor & Officer Idiot

Once again, Ohio's public officials don't disappoint when it comes to providing examples of ironic rhetoric.

In this particular case, Governor John Kasich is lecturing a group on adopting a more civil tone with those we deal with.

All the while calling a cop "an idiot" as an example of the government not treating the client with respect.

I swear, I couldn't make this kind of thing up with even the most highest octane rated spring water wonder from Tennessee.

So let me get this straight: you're making the point about treating people with respect by calling them idiots? Over something that happened more than two years ago? And it still bothers you enough, at this day, to bring up as an example of customer service? When you are trying to get the collective bargaining rights for public employees -- including cops such as Officer Idiot -- taken away?

I'm not weighing in on collective bargaining for public employees -- there are plenty of far more learned opinions to be had on that topic, although I will say I'm troubled by the pension load all of us taxpayers will have to share for a system that seemed built on never saying no.

The Governor's choice of how to make a point about customer service, however, seems like the perfect thing to weigh in on. Maybe the Governor would do well to spend a few weekends working with a green apron at Starbucks, or the blue vest at Wal-Mart, to get a better idea of what his constituents really consider lessons in civility.

Without calling cops or the rest of us idiots.

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