Friday, February 26, 2010

VIDEO Marcellus Alexander: Thinking First

Next Thursday, March 4th, we at RTDNF will be honoring five individuals for their hard work, dedication and advocacy of the First Amendment.

I wonder sometimes if this is the right we take for granted. It tells the government they have no right to control what we think or say (for the most part: yelling fire in the crowded theater aside) and opens up the workings of the people's business in such a fashion as to actually encourage the people to see how things work.

Among those we're honoring is Marcellus Alexander, vice president of the National Association of Broadcasters for television and president of the NABEF, the educational foundation of the NAB. Marcellus comes to the party with an impressive resume, including stints as a station manager in Baltimore and Philadelphia where the theoretical issues surrounding free speech actually play out in the real world. We sat down earlier this month...

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