Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Auditor's Trigger

Some interesting chat coming out of City Hall on the appointment of Phil Young as Akron's new Police Auditor -- and what prompted the powers-that-be to get off the dime and get him on the job.

Turns out it was the job market, my sources tell me.

Everyone knew Young's appointment was coming; Eric Mansfield reported it in his blog, AkronNewsNow reported it online July 24th and anyone between a city badge and city budget knew who would fill the post...but the Mayor's media mavens pretended it wasn't official and wouldn't be until after Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh released her report on the Vinson shooting.

Well, Walsh's final report is still sitting on a desk somewhere in her why did Mayor Plusquellic finally put Phil out for everyone to see before the Don left for a trip to Germany?

He had to get moving because South High Street wasn't the only government entity wanting to make sure the retired Highway Patrol Officer on the payroll. The Strickland Administration knows a good thing when they see it and they were pushing hard to get Young on the state payroll, the heck with the locals who were looking like they couldn't make up their minds. Faced with the prospect of announcing his choice for Police Auditor was leaving the job before he even started finally prodded the Administration to move.

Quickly it wasn't; there are still plenty of questions on just what the Administration was really waiting for. Young could have started working months ago and they could have easily noted he wouldn't be working the Vinson case. Would Young would be at work today if City Hall wasn't forced to man up and get the deal done?

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